Castor Oil For Eyelashes

bottle of castor oil for eyelashes

Every person who cares about their looks dreams of having thick, long, and dark eyelashes. The positioning of eyelashes is key to making your eyes and face look gorgeous. However, not everybody is lucky to have good-looking lashes. For those struggling to have beautiful lashes, there are a lot of natural remedies available to help you out. For example, castor oil provides an effective way to grow and thicken eyelashes. This article will look at castor oil for eyelashes and how effective it can be.

What is Castor Oil?

Before we have a look at castor oil as an eyelash conditioner, let us have a look first at what castor oil really is. Castor oil can be described as a vegetable oil which is obtained after pressing on castor seeds. The name ‘castor oil’, that we all know, must have been derived from its implementation as a replacement for castoreum, a perfume that is made from the perineal glands of the castor.

bottle of castor oil for eyelashes

Is Castor Oil Safe for Your Eyelashes?

Castor oil is a natural ingredient. Therefore, as opposed to the extensive range of eyelashes products available in the stores, applying castor oil may have minimum or no side effects. Some people say that even if castor oil gets in your eyes during application, it does not cause any damage. However, as wide as it is known to have benefits on human eyelashes, some people complain of side effects that can make you uncomfortable.

As opposed to those who think that castor oil is safe for use on your eyelashes, there are those that think it is unsafe for use. Some argue that castor oil can make you lose your eyesight in case it accidentally gets in your eyes. Although there is no scientific proof for this, there are two reasons that people believe support the claims. One of them is that castor oil causes dryness. Castor oil is commonly known as an antitoxin that magnets out the existing crusts from your skin. What this means is that even though castor oil is oil like any other, it can draw other oils from the skin since it sinks deep into the skin pores. Although most of the people record positive results when using castor oil, there are those few who state that it makes their eyes dry in case it happens to get in during application.

Another reason why people argue that castor oil can cause blindness is because the skin around your eyes is delicate. Science shows that the skin around your eyes is ten times thinner than the skin in your face. This means that it is prone to damages in case it is projected to castor oil and it can become more sensitive sometimes. It is not advisable to put anything on your eyes that was not meant to be there. Some of those preparations may contain ingredients or contaminations that may be risky to your eyes. Some scientific proves that even the slightest different pH can cause damage. Castor oil can lead to a differences in the pH around the eyes and cause some damage to your eyes.

As for those people who argue that castor oil around their eyes can help reduce the lines or wrinkles, you have to know that some of the results may be temporary and some side effects may come later. Although there is no problem with applying different oils to shape your eyelashes, you need to avoid letting anything get inside your eyes.

On the other hand, some studies suggest that castor oil is unsafe for kids. They are too young for the harsh laxative. The other problem with kids is they will not be able to discuss their symptoms and side effects accurately. Even when the kid has experienced eye dryness or dizziness, he or she will not be able to communicate this to the parents for first aid or medical attention. Youngsters are also highly responsive to the effects of castor oil. What this means is that they can get worse when castor oil is applied on their skin or when consumed.

Castor Oil Side Effects

Some other people report of having some mild side effects after applying castor oil. Some of them include:

Itching - Studies show that castor oil in small amounts is safe for use. However if the amount used is increasingly high, you can begin to feel itchy after applying it on your eyelashes. On the other hand, some people are allergic to castor oil and may feel itchy after application. In case you have been using it for some time and then you start feeling itchy after applying it on your eyelashes then you have to reduce the amount of castor oil that you apply.

Rashes-This is one of the side effects of castor oil on the skin. In case the applicant is allergic to castor oil, then some allergic reactions can occur on applying it on your eyelashes. This is one of the most uncomfortable side effects of castor oil. The good thing is that rashes are uncommon in about 80 percent of all the people who apply it. If you notice redness on your skin after using castor oil, then stop the use.

Dizziness-A few people have reported cases of feeling dizzy or even fainting after they have injected too much of castor oil. Just like the above side effects, this effect is brought about by the underlying side allergic reactions.

Nausea- Sometimes, you can inhale the castor oil or even consume it internally or externally. An overdose of castor oil can induce nausea and even lead to vomiting and other serious issues. In case you will not be able to control the nauseating symptoms, then you might end up being dehydrated or have electrolyte imbalance. An Iranian study shows that castor oil can cause nausea to over 90 percent of the users.

Gastrointestinal irritation- as some studies suggest, if you consume castor oil internally you may end up growing thicker, longer and stronger air. However taking castor oil can cause gastrointestinal irritation within 6-10 hours after use.

Muscle cramps- Muscle cramps have been identified as one of the major side effects of applying castor oil. They are mostly brought about by using castor oil for massaging your body. It can also result from applying castor oil on your skin.

Although castor oil is deemed functional on eyelashes, it is advisable to avoid its use if you have a pre-existing eye condition. Also, make sure that you are not allergic to castor oil before embarking on its use.

Does Castor Oil Work for Eyelashes?

Although people have given testimonies that castor oil can work, there are no satisfactory scientific proves that are at hand right now. However, castor oil is natural oil that is thought to do several things at the same time. It has been in use for several decades now and people have always glorified its significant impacts in growing long eyelashes.

People argue that castor oil can provide deep nourishment for eyelashes. You may have read online or heard from friends that castor oil grows thick hair, sporadic eyebrows or even other wonderful beautifications. However, you may be curious to know whether those claims are true. Many people report that a persistent application of castor oil has greatly helped them to grow longer, thicker and stronger eyebrows and eyelashes.

However, there are very few researches done on castor oil and eyelashes. The American Cancer Society looked at several claims about castor oil and decided that there are no satisfactory data to support the effectiveness claims. However, there is one study that was developed by Tanaru S in 2012 ‘’Castor oil induces laxation and uterus contractions via ricinoleic acid activating prostaglandin EP3 receptors’’ that shows how recinoleic acid can affect prostaglandins but the study supported the claims when castor oil is consumed internally. Prostaglandins have significant effects on the hair follicle, which is believed to support the claim that castor oil can grow eyelashes. However, the function remains unclear and hence there is need to fill the gap with more reliable scientific studies.

Castor Oil for Eyelash Growth Before and After

Castor oil is found to be effective in growing and thickening eyelashes and preventing them from breaking. People also argue that castor oil can be used to grow eyelashes at a place where they are not in abundance. It is a trusted natural remedy for eyelashes and there are several testimonies of how it helped grow eyelashes despite the fact that there is no known science to back these claims.

Castor oil contains Vitamin E, proteins, minerals, and antibacterial properties. Apart from that, the oil is rich in fatty acid variants. These great attributes make castor oil a great healing agent with a lot of health benefits, and enhancing the growth of eyelashes is just one of them.

Moreover, castor oil is rich in omega 9 fatty acids, which nourish hair and follicles boosting their growth and thickness. The germicidal, insecticidal, and fungicidal properties make castor oil a great remedy for hair and dandruff conditions. The oil also has anti-inflammatory properties, which combine with other nutrients to help in growth of hair.

As you can see, castor oil has a lot of properties that can help boost the growth of eyelashes. Typically, lashes are prone to breakages, and this is usually made worse if you heavily rely on cosmetics. Nevertheless, castor oil has been proven to enhance lashes and make them grow longer and fuller. You will find castor oil as a perfect remedy for your thinning or shortening lashes. In addition, the oil will come in handy for those with few lashes altogether.

Castor oil for eyelashes before and after

Why is Castor Oil Good for Eyelashes?

For a lot of people who have over-plucked or shaved their eyebrows before, it is common for them to experience difficulties in getting them to grow back as they were before. This can be overwhelming and embarrassing for some people. Most people faced by this problem seek for quick but costly fixes like masking the bald areas using pencils and powders. However, the good news is that castor oil can be used to enhance lashes in a pretty straightforward process.

Castor oil has been found to be very effective when it comes to achieving longer and thicker lashes. It also assists to prevent breakage and also stimulates faster and healthier growth of lashes. The oil works by hydrating and strengthening eyelashes and hence providing an environment that gives the opportunity for eyelash growth without any crisis. Applying castor oil on your eyelashes allows its many nutrients to soak into them. This helps turn dry lashes that are almost falling off into smooth and healthy ones.

How long will it take castor oil to grow your eyelashes?

There are very many stories online on how you are supposed to apply castor oil on your eyelashes and how long you are supposed to wait before the results are visible. However, these stories differ because there are very many factors that determine how fast your eyelashes will grow using castor oil. Some of them are your health status; if you are allergic to castor oil application then you cannot apply in on regular basis and in the right amount. The other one is how persistent you are. Here your patience pays and therefore it takes a couple of days of regular application in order to see any substantial improvement.

Michelle J shared her story on how she applied castor oil on her eyelashes and she noticed growth of hair after 5 weeks. This is just one story from millions of people who share their experiences with castor oil publicly. Many people state that castor oil will grow eyelashes between 6 weeks and 10 weeks. Many other people report that with regular applications, the eyelashes can grow faster than that. The only way you can be able to achieve appealing results with castor oil is religiously applying it every night.

It may even take from three months to six months for eyelashes to grow and see significant change in their length, overall appearance, and thickness. If you apply it the right way, then after three months you may be able to notice the results.

How to Apply Castor Oil on Eyelashes

Having looked at the benefits of castor oil for eyelashes, you might be interested in what this oil can do for you. Therefore, you should know how to use it to get the perfect results for your eyelashes. However, before that, you must know how to choose the best castor oil when shopping. It is important that you should opt for only cold-processed or cold-pressed castor oil as it is natural and pure. Note that the market is full of industrial castor oil that is different from the natural castor oil. Due to this, you should be very careful as industrial castor oil is not recommended at all.

Castor oil should be applied in the night time before going to bed. So as to achieve the best possible results, follow these simple steps:

  • First wash your faces and eyes properly with water.
  • Pad-dry yourself with a towel.
  • Using a clean mascara brush, take some castor oil and apply it starting from the inner edge of the eye.
  • Repeat this simple process for the other eye too.

In case there is oil spreading under the eyes, clean it using a Q-tip. When you get up, clean your eyelashes too. This is critical because if the oil is left on your lashes, it would make your eye makeup bleed. I am sure you wouldn’t want this to happen. So, remember to repeat this cleaning procedure every time you apply castor oil.

Tips to Follow When Using Castor Oil for Eyelashes

  • Don’t put too much oil on your eyelashes. You can know you are putting way too much oil when the Q-tip starts to dribble.
  • Avoid putting castor oil around your eyes as it can cause puffiness and irritation in the morning.
  • When purchasing castor oil, ensure that you purchase the all-natural version as other castor oils might contain chemicals that could clash with the oil.
  • Be cautious not to spill any castor oil on your clothing as it can stain.
  • Ensure that you are not allergic to castor oil prior to using it. If you are not sure about this, consider doing a patch test before applying the oil into sensitive areas like your eyes.
  • If you have an existing eye problem, you are advised to put off the castor oil until the problem is solved.


It is every girl’s dream to have a beautiful pair of lashes. With the great number of chemically induced products made to boost the growth of lashes, you need to be very careful. Your eyelashes can only handle a certain amount of chemicals. Using castor oil for eyelashes is something that can help you achieve incredible-looking eyelashes naturally. In addition, castor oil costs you less than half of what you would pay for commercial and unnatural eyelash enhancers.

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