Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

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If you’ve been losing eyelashes, then your obvious concern would be "Do eyelashes grow back?"  I bet this is a question you would badly want answered.

Luckily, we do have the answer for you along with some tips on how to prevent your eyelashes from falling out or breaking in the first place. And we will also be looking at some different causes of your eyelashes falling out and if they will grow back after that.

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Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

I am very happy to tell you that eyelashes do grow back! Therefore, you do not have to worry that you’ve lost them forever. But I must also tell you that it does take some time for them to grow back.

So exactly how long does it take for your eyelashes to grow back? Sadly, it can take up to six months for all of them to grow back if you do not help them a little bit.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to shorten the process, and we will be looking at these steps. When you follow a good eyelash regime, you could shorten the time it takes for your eyelashes to grow back to 1 - 2 months. You just need to put some time into taking care of your eyelashes.

Thus, eyelashes do grow back if you’ve lost them by simply falling out, breaking off or you pulling them out. I bet this a great relief for a lot of you; no more fear that you’ve lost your eyelashes forever. But do eyelashes grow back if the falling out has a different cause, for example, due to chemo therapy, stress, or eyelash extension?

Do Eyelashes Grow Back After Chemo?

Different people have varied reactions to chemotherapy. However, one common side effect is hair loss. This can take place in various parts of the body, including eyelashes, though not very common. Many chemo patients complain their lashes undergo through the loss and regrowth process during treatment. People going through chemo will lose hair and all they can do at that point is wait for the body to restore them naturally later on.

Whether your lashes will fall off after chemo or not depends on the kind of chemotherapy you are receiving. If your treatment will lead to extensive hair loss, there are great chances that you will lose your lashes too, although this does not apply to everyone. At times, the lashes get thinner, while other people just lose a few of them.

Losing eyelashes does not really hurt and it might take some time for you to notice that you are losing them. However, some individuals experience irritation or itching. But this feeling is usually brief and will as soon as the lashes fall out.

If your lashes are affected, the new eyelashes are likely to grow back after you are done with the chemo treatment. Eyelashes go through three stages of growth. However, in most chemo patients, a normal eyelash does not make it to the last phase of growth. Nevertheless, if proper lash care is taken, the eyelashes could complete the three stages and grow to their potential length and thickness. Depending on the individual, the new lashes might be thinner, thicker, or a different color from what they were before hair loss.

If the regrowth process is not happening as fast as expected, the best thing to do at this point is to use false eyelashes. Before going for falsies you should check with your doctors first. This is because you could be at risk of increased infection or allergic reactions due to the glue.

Another thing you can do is use makeup to recreate the look of eyelashes. To apply makeup, start by lining up the lash line and smudge it. Later, apply a gentle mascara. You could use an eyelash curler. However, you should not overuse it as this could lead to lash loss. If you decide to go with false eyelashes, there are those available for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Chemo patients can be able to achieve healthy lashes as long as they condition and moisturize them using coconut oil, petroleum jelly, or castor oil. Additionally, the use of lash enhancers by chemo patients has also shown positive results.

As seen, eyelashes do grow back after chemotherapy. However, they might not grow back to their original length and thickness. Nevertheless, healthy growth can be boosted by using moisturizers and conditioners such as castor oil and coconut oil. In those rare occasions where lashes don’t grow back as fast as one would like, the use of false lashes could help cancer patients achieve an almost natural look.

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Do Eyelashes Grow Back After Lash Extensions?

Usually, eyelash extensions will not damage your natural lashes. But if they are put on in a wrong way or taken off incorrectly, they can definitely make your natural eyelashes fall out. Luckily, your eyelashes can recover from this and they will grow back, although they can be a bit dry and thinner at first.

Do Eyelashes Grow Back if Pulled Out?

People with trichotillomania are uncontrollably pulling their eyelashes out when they're under stress as a way to sooth themselves. Trichotillomania is a type of impulse control disorder and people suffer from this have the urge to pull out their hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows.​

If you suffer from this disorder and have pulled out some of your eyelashes, and are now wondering whether these are going to grow back, we have the answer for you.

The great answer is that eyelashes do grow back when you pull them out, but this is not a fast process. If you were worrying about having lost your eyelashes forever then worry no more. Rest assure that your eyelashes will grow back if you pull them out.

Do Eyelashes Grow Back if Cut?​

You also may have the question: ‘Do eyelashes grow back if cut?’ And the answer is "Yes" as well, but it does take around 8 to 16 weeks to grow your eyelashes back fully.

You may wonder who the hell would cut their eyelashes? Well, in some places in the world, Asia for example, many people believe that cutting eyelashes will make them grow longer and thicker and they will do this to their newborn or little kids. Even though this is more likely a myth than reality, it is a known practice that is still happening.

Knowing that your eyelashes will grow back (they always will) but you might need to set up an eyelash care routine to undo the damage that was done and get them back to a thick and long state. As I already mentioned, you just need to put in the necessary time.

Taking Good Care of Your Eyelashes

If you have lost your eyelashes, you want to have them back as quickly as possible, and taking good care of them is the way to speed up the process. By taking good care of your eyelashes, you can also prevent them from falling out in the first place, and make them look thicker and longer. Who doesn’t want that?

How To Take Good Care of Your Eyelashes?

We’ve got some awesome tips for you to save your eyelashes and make them grow back more beautiful than ever.

You might want to make some lifestyle changes. If you’re not sleeping, eating unhealthy and experiencing a lot of stress then your eyelashes will not be in great condition, and neither will the rest of your body.

  • Get enough sleep. It’s important to get at least seven hours of sleep each night and maintain a healthy diet.
  • Reducing your consummation of alcohol and tobacco is also part of this healthy lifestyle.
  • Reduce stress. If you are experiencing a lot of stress then you can try things like deep breathing or meditation
  • Eat healthy. It will also help if you lower the amount of food on your plate.

Healthy eating in general is good for your eyelashes, but there are certain foods that stimulate growth of your eyelashes.

Proper Diet Can Grow Eyelashes Back
  • Salmon is a great example of such a food. The omega 3 fatty acids in salmon promote hair growth, which includes your eyelashes. Not to forget about all the protein in salmon. Your hair is made up almost entirely of protein, so getting in enough protein is crucial if you want stronger, thicker and longer eyelashes.
  • Eggs and lean poultry will also provide you with a lot of protein.
  • Dark green leafy greens are also good for your eyelashes, as they contain vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, iron, vitamin E, vitamin B and magnesium. These vitamins and minerals keep the hairs strong and healthy.
  • Oysters, which are full of zinc. And when you do not consume enough zinc, hair loss will happen. Which is why getting a lot of zinc is important for hair growth.
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    Greek yogurt
Eye Makeup

As you’ve read, using eye make-up can slow down the growth of your eyelashes, but this doesn’t mean you can’t use eye make-up at all. You do need to use mascara and eyeliner of a high quality which often means that it is best to go for the organic option. When you use organic mascara and organic eyeliner, you minimize the chance of your eyelashes being damaged. And remember that you do want to remove all your make-up thoroughly at night.

Do Eyelashes Grow Back Faster with Lash Growth Serum?

Using an eyelash growth serum or an eyelash enhancing serum can be a worthwhile investment. There are several of these serums out there that have had great results for various people. So, it’s something you may want to check out. 

A natural growth serum for your eyelashes is coconut oil or castor oil. These oils moisturize and feed your eyelashes thoroughly. This will make your eyelashes a lot thicker, longer and shinier.

How to Prevent Your Eyelashes From Falling Out

If you follow what we mentioned above then your eyelashes will grow back, or be a lot stronger if they have not fallen out. But there are some more tips that prevent your eyelashes from falling out in the first place.

If you are going to remove your eye make-up at night, which you should, do it gently. It’s a lot better for your eyelashes when you pat the make-up away rather than rub it away. The later can instantly make you lose eyelashes.

It’s also important that you never pull or tug at your eyelashes, which is obvious, but you might be doing it without even noticing. So, watch out that you do not pull your eyelashes when you get bored.

When you do use a lash curler, it is important that you use it carefully and do not pull on your eyelids. This can break your eyelashes and even pull them out at the spot. Therefore, always be careful with your eyelashes.

Finally, it is probably a good idea to stay away from waterproof mascaras and long-lasting mascaras as they need rubbing to be removed and they dry your lashes out, which makes them brittle and breakable. So, stick out to simple organic mascara.


We’ve read a lot about eyelashes, and by now you should have a clear answer to the question "Do eyelashes grow back?"

We do now know that your lashes will always grow back, which can be a great relief to hear. But if you want those long, natural and thick eyelashes then it is going to take some work. So be prepared to buy the needed products, set up the lash care routine and grow out some beautiful luscious lashes. It will take some work, but it will all be worth it in the end.

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