Essential Oils for Eyelash Growth

essential oils

What do those ladies with long and thick lashes do to have such beautiful eyelashes? Women love long eyelashes, and if you can achieve them without fixing fake lashes or using chemicals, then that is perfect. Natural methods are always the best when it comes to achieving good eyelash growth. This article will look at three major essential oils for eyelash growth you should be using to grow longer and thicker lashes.

What are Essential Oils?

Before we look at those essential oils for eyelash growth, let us first have a look at what are essential oils. In simple terms, essential oils can be described as the highly concentrated version of natural oils in plants. Sourcing essential oils is done through a process referred to as distillation, which allows many parts of a plant to be used to produce essential oils.

Essential oils have been proven to have therapeutic properties, and have been used for ages due to their medicinal value. Today, we are going to talk about essential oils that help in the growth of eyelashes.

Essential Oils for Eyelash Growth

Below are three popular and simple-to-made formulas of essential oils for eyelash growth.

Castor Oil and Olive Oil

What You Need


  • Mix castor oil and olive oil together.​
  • Apply the mixture on your eyelashes prior to going to bed.​
  • Wash your face when you get up in the morning.​
olive and castor oil for eyelash growth

Why Castor Oil

Castor oil works wonders for many in helping grow eyelashes. Castor oil is not only ideal for boosting the growth of lashes, but also for normal hair growth too. The oil features anti-inflammatory and antibacterial attributes, which when combined with rich nutrients encourage growth of hair. Apart from this, castor oil is also used to relieve dry eyes, itchiness, and allergies.

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Why Olive Oil

Olive oil possesses vitamin E and Vitamin K, both of which are key for both skin and hair health. Olive oil has been implemented for years to boost the health of hair and soften skin and hair. Therefore, lashes being hair would also benefit from olive oil. In addition, olive oil moisturizes your eyelashes and the skin around them. It helps to improve the health of hair follicles, boosting growth of lashes. Furthermore, applying olive oil on eyelashes helps to increase blood circulation around the eye area. This improves nutrient supply and improve the health of eyelashes.

Lemon Peels in Castor or Olive Oil

What You Need

  • A 1/4 cup castor oil or olive oil​
  • A peel of lemon.​
lemon and olive oil for eyelash growth



  • Cut a lemon peel into small pieces and dip the pieces into either castor oil or olive oil for about 2-3 days.
  • Apply the mixture on your eyelashes prior to going to bed.
  • Repeat this process every night to achieve longer and thicker lashes.

Why Lemon Peels

We have seen why you should use castor oil and olive oil to boost the growth of your eyelashes. But, why should you use lemon peels?

Lemon peels contain vitamin B, C, folic acid, and many other nutrients essential for promoting natural growth of eyelashes. Combining lemon peels with castor or olive oil is the best way to ensure growth of lashes since lemon peels have the ability to stimulate the cleansing properties in the oil.

Eyelash Growth Serum with Almond Oil, Lavender Oil, and Rosemary Oil

What You Need

olive lavender oil for eyelash growth


  • In a small bowl, mix up the aforementioned ingredients until they are properly mixed up.
  • Your serum should now be ready.
  • Using a dropper, transfer the mixture into a mascara tube.
  • Apply a coat once or twice a day to achieve longer lashes. We advise that you should not apply this essential oil solution at night as there is a high chance that it will seep into your eyes

Why Almond Oil

Almond oil is the most loved and used plant oil and has numerous benefits for hair and skin. Almond oil is the most coveted treatment if you are in search of a natural way to grow your hair longer and healthier. Therefore, it is also ideal for eyelash growth. Almond oil contain vitamins and mineral elements that make it perfect for aiding eyelash growth. Vitamins like A, B, E, and F are contained in almonds. In addition to this, almond oil contain a wide array of macro nutrients, proteins, and trace element.

Why Lavender Oil

Studies show that lavender oil helps eliminate free radicals and has been proven to boost hair growth. This makes this essential oil ideal for eyelash growth too. Moreover, lavender oil contains anti parasitic and antibacterial properties, which keep your lashes clean and healthy. When lavender is applied around the roots of the eyelashes it helps to increase blood flow. This makes sure that the eyelash hair follicles receive more nutrients while improving regeneration of the skin.

Why Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil is very common when it comes to matters to do with hair care, including your eyelashes. The oil is widely known for its ability to boost healthy circulation, cellular regeneration, and hair growth. Rosemary is not only good for hair growth, but also helps reverse signs of graying.

Proceed with Caution

  • Be cautious not to get the treatment you use into your eyes.
  • Don’t apply too much oil as this makes your lashes oily, causing oil to drip into your eyes.
  • Remember that essential oils take time to work. So, don’t add more than the recommended amount of oil thinking it will offer you faster results. Essential oils don’t work this way. Moreover, using a lot of essential oils could make your eyes water as the vapors from the essential oil are quite strong.


Long and beautiful eyelashes are every woman’s dream and many women are willing to go to any lengths to achieve them. Fortunately, with treatments made from essential oils for eyelash growth, your dreams of having long lashes can become a reality. Just follow our tips and you should be good to go.

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