Incredible Reasons Why You Should Start Using Eyelash Growth Serum

Incredible Reasons Why You Should Start Using Eyelash Growth Serum

You may have heard about making a wish each time you lose an eye lash – well, if you’re losing your lashes, make a wish that they don’t!

Eyelash loss is a serious thing, and it can permanently deteriorate your facial aesthetics. If you lose more than 4 to 5 lashes every day, it is time to schedule an appointment with a medical professional and start using a quality eyelash growth system.

According to Dr. Heidi Waldorf, who works for Mount Sinai Hospital as the Director of Laser and Cosmetic Dermatology, there is a huge difference between the hair in your eyelashes and that on your head.

Both have a different, but natural rate of shedding and growth. She also says that it is perfectly alright to lose one to two lashes every day – however, losing a 4 to 5 lashes per day constitutes to health problems.

Furthermore, the hair on your eye lids takes about three to four months to grow back naturally. So, if you're losing a handful of eyelashes every day, it could be due to many reasons.

In light of this, mentioned below are all the bad habit and medical reasons why you have been experiencing such a problem.

Top 5 Bad Ideas And Habits That Can Cause Eyelash Loss

We all sometimes do these mistakes:

Rubbing Your Eye Makeup Off Like A Maniac

There is no question that mascara is a nuisance to remove and wash your face once doesn't pay off. You have towels with mascara smudge on them as proof.

But this doesn't mean that the makeup won't come off ever. Instead of profusely rubbing your face with your face wash and then scrubbing it off using your towel, try using oil-based makeup removal solutions.

Oil-based makeup removal products are designed to help get rid of everything stubborn you are wearing on your face, which includes your mascara. However, you have to be gentle. Use a cotton ball, dab a bit of the product on it and gently take the mascara off.

Be nice and easy when you’re removing makeup from beneath the eyes as well. The best way to do this is to press the cotton ball against your eye for a couple of seconds and let the makeup loosen a bit before you completely take it off.

Continuous rubbing can aggravate the sensitive areas under and over your eyes not to mention you will also be breaking your eyelashes, which is a big no-no.

Woman looking through her fingers


According to Christine Choi Kim, who is a Doctor of Medicine and a dermatologist in Santa Monica, frequent mascara use and rubbing can cause a lot of trauma to your eyelashes. If this happens, we recommend that you start using the best eyelash growth serum.

Sleeping With Your Eye Makeup Or Mascara On

You might have heard that sleeping with makeup on can be extremely bad for your skin. But sleeping with eye makeup or mascara on can be traumatic for your eyelash health.

Dermatologists have likened it to sleeping with hairspray in your hair. Hardening your eyelashes with a stiffening product and then prolonging the effect can be bad for your eyelashes. After your eyelashes harden, all that friction caused by moving your face on the pillow can very easily break your eyelashes.

Removing Your Fake Lashes Or Lash Extensions Improperly

Fake eyelashes are a great way to accentuate your facial features, and there is no harm in wearing them. However, taking the falsies off without using any oil-based makeup remover can have an adverse affect your eyelash health. It could easily damage all that natural hair in your eyelids.

The correct way to removing the false eyelashes is to use a q-tip. First douse it with a bit of makeup remover or a cleanser, which would loosen the adhesive chemical at the edge of the fake eyelash. As soon as you feel the chemical loosening up, gently strip the product away from your eyelids.

On the other hand, there are a lot of dermatologists that are against using fake eyelashes. Many say that frequently using fake eyelashes can have the same effect as traction alopecia has.

Woman applying fake eyelashes


False lashes include a special medical adhesive, which is used to attach each strand of hair with the root of your real hair on the eyelids. Wearing the product can put a lot of stress and tension on your eyelids, which in turn results in eyelash loss.

You Love Using Mascara That Is Designed To Be Waterproof

Waterproof and smudge-proof mascara is a pretty awesome thing to have in your arsenal of makeup tools and products. However, using it on a daily basis can be dangerous.

Waterproof mascara is manufactured using materials that last considerably longer. Wearing it every day can harden your eyelashes, making them dry and fall off. On top of that, taking off waterproof mascara is an exceptionally daunting experience.

You Religiously Curl Your Eyelashes

Curling your eyelashes puts a lot of traction on your natural eyelid hair, forcing them to fall off. The effect can be even more traumatic if your curl your lashes after applying the mascara. You should curl your lashes before you apply mascara.

Another way to ensure you don't do as much damage to your lashes while curling them is to heat the curler using a blow-dryer. You won't have to continuously press-down on the curler this way.

Plus, using the heat from the curler can also burn your eyelashes – and you don’t want that to happen. If you do burn your eyelashes, immediately start using an eyelash growth serum after consulting with a professional dermatologist.

4 Medical Reasons Why You’re Experiencing Eyelash Loss

Read about most common medical reasons you experience eyelash loss:

You’re Chemically Allergic To Mascara

A majority of mascaras are manufactured using an array of chemicals. The chemicals used to make them smudge-proof or waterproof can also cause a lot of damage to your lashes. Plus, the very same chemicals can also result in an allergic reaction.

Woman applying mascara


If you’re susceptible to illness or an allergic reaction as a result of breathing in airborne pollutants and dust, then it is strongly advised that you do not use mascara.

Moreover, wearing mascaras on a daily basis can cause dermatitis as well as conjunctivitis. You will be more prone to developing symptoms associated with contact dermatitis. The health complication occurs when the same airborne pollutants you are allergic to come in contact with the sensitive skin surrounding your eyes.

Conjunctivitis is a condition caused by several allergens that gently flake off of your mascara and drop in your eye. These allergens irritate and inflame your conjunctiva, which is a fragile membrane covering your entire eyeball. It is moist and very vulnerable to infection.

Thyroid Complications

You may begin to experience eyelash loss due to several underactive and overactive thyroid glands. If your thyroid glands are overactive, you will quickly begin to gain weight, lose sleep, have trouble bearing heat and will have more headaches.

Underactive glands cause dry skin, weight problems and constipation. However, in both the conditions, your eyelashes will become dry, thin and brittle and will begin to fall. If this happens, we recommend that you see a dermatologist and start using an eyelash growth serum.


There is no doubt that chemotherapy has plenty of disadvantages and can some health complications. Apart from hair fall – you will also experience eyelash loss. The concoction of medications in chemotherapy adversely affects and destroys eyelash follicles.

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See a dermatologist and determine if the effects are temporary or long-lasting, and start using an eyelash growth serum.

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata is a disease that attacks your immunity, causing hair loss along with other health complications. Your immune system turns on the healthy cells in your hair follicles, eradicating them.

However, you will only experience hair loss in a single area, for example, your head, your body, your eyelashes, your beard or your eye brows. If you experience eyelash loss, there is no way you can reverse it. You can just keep on using a prescribed eyelash growth serum.

What Is An Eyelash Growth Serum?

Although you may think eyelash serums are too good to be true, you are wrong. While there are countless products available on the market, it is imperative that you stick to a quality product.

There are numerous over-the-counter serums as well as prescription medications you can use. When it comes to using an eyelash growth serum, it is important to select the one that can naturally produce more hair in your eyelids.

Sure, you can opt for various other methodologies to counter eyelash loss such as using tons of mascara or fake lashes. But there is nothing quite like tackling the problem with a natural solution.

Woman combing her eyelashes


And while serums do contain chemicals, the best products contain components that can effectively trigger the production of eyelashes more naturally compared to over-the-counter growth serums.

Eyelash serums have become dramatically popular over the years. You can see a plethora of products flooding online retail giants such as Amazon. Or you may have seen the before-and-after images of women and men using such serums on Instagram.

But it is necessary first to find out how these medications work and how long do the effects last. Are lash growth medications safe to use? How often should you use them? Should you go for OTC serum or opt for a prescribed product?

These are some important questions you need to answer.

Before moving on, you also have to understand the three growth stages of your pretty eyelashes. These stages are Anagen (which means active), Catagen (which means transition) and Telogen (which means resting).

According to specialist dermatologists during the first stage (anagen), your eyelashes will begin to grow repeatedly. This stage can last anywhere from 4 to 6 months. During the second stage (catagen), your eyelashes become strong and permanently grow, but weaken at the roots and follicles at the same time.

This process can last anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks. During the final stage (telogen), your eyelash may rest for up to one hundred days before naturally falling off. Once this happens, a new lash will take somewhere from 4 to 8 months to re-grow.

How Does An Eyelash Growth Serum Work?

Eyelash serums come in small packages and can be applied on the lashes once every night before you go to bed. These serums are chemically designed to activate the natural process of eyelash growth – refer to the stages above of eyelash growth and development.

Eyelash growth serum in a glass bowl


These serums contain a high dose of important vitamins like pro-vitamin B5 and other components such as humectants.

Manufacturers have been researching for decades, trying to determine all the factors that cause eyelash loss and have successfully designed serums that help fight several hormonal changes and conditions that lead to eyelash loss.

The Nutra Luxe MD eyelash growth serum and condition, for example, contains a concoction of scientifically developed chemicals and components that can help keep your natural lashes strong and moist. It acts as a moisturizer for your lashes.

The M2Beaute eyelash growth serum is another potent product that contains MDN complex. It is an effective, scientifically developed ingredient that helps activate the natural growth process of the follicles in your eyelashes. It helps grow your lashes to be stronger and fuller.

Eyelash serums work in two different ways. Firstly, they help ensure all the follicles in your eyelashes last longer in the growth phase, producing thicker lashes that last longer. Secondly, the serums work by making the hair in your eyelids stronger – preventing them from breaking off easily or prematurely.

A majority of the formulation you can find online or in the market are designed with a plethora of hormones, vitamins, nutrients and other ingredients that help expedited and increase the hair follicle’s growth stage all the while making sure they get all the nutrients and whatnot.

Using An Eyelash Serum

Buying a serum is one thing, using it wisely and safely is another. In light of this, mentioned below are tips for using the serum properly for the best possible results:

Woman applying eyelash growth serum


This step can be a bit daunting for you, but ophthalmologists suggest that you should first analyze the growth stages of your eyelashes for a couple of weeks. As soon as they start to grow, stop using the serum.

Never go berserk with the serum. Use in small quantities. Never apply it using your finger – use the wand that comes with the product.

It is safe and recommended to apply the eyelash growth serum above the eyelashes – don’t put it directly on the eyelid. Refrain from applying the product on the lower eyelid because you may accidentally get some in your eye.

Before using the serum, thoroughly cleans your face, especially your eyes – make sure there isn't a speck of makeup or any moisturizer on your eyes. We suggest that you use it just before going to bed.

Use it once every day.

Benefits Of Using Lash Growth Serums

There are numerous benefits of using an eyelash growth serum:

  • Eyelash serums are pretty convenient to use – you can use them as an eye liner.
  • There are plenty of nutrients and powerful vitamins that nourish the hair follicles in your eyelids – enhancing and expediting the growth process.
  • There are a variety of over-the-counter eyelash serums you can choose. However, it is important to consult a medical professional first.
  • Prescription serums work well and are quite potent – however, you have to be careful and use it once a day every day.
  • You can buy eyelash serums that are made using natural ingredients – which drastically minimize your chances of experiencing any side effects.

Serum Vs. Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions contain a strong adhesive that can cause a multitude of health problems such as allergic reactions, which, in turn, may lead to permanents eyelash loss. Growth serums contain natural ingredients as well as chemicals. 

However, they do not have any dangerous side effects, and you can apply them easily. Moreover, lash extension do not last more than a couple of weeks and become pretty cost-intensive in the long run.

Serum Vs. Fake Lashes

While fake lashes are a pretty effective technique to replace all your fallen lashes, you have to understand they are not a permanent solution in any sense.

Woman using an eyelash curler


Moreover, going to bed with fake eyelashes will increase your chances of bacterial infections. Bacteria will begin to stick to the glue on the lashes and enter your eye.

Plus, you have to clean those fake lashes on a regular basis and have to remove the pretty carefully. You have to use oil-based makeup removal products to take them off gently to not damage your natural lashes.

Furthermore, fake lashes can also cause allergic reactions. Airborne pollutants will stick to the glue on the lining of the product, which will then enter your eyes and cause irritation and discomfort.

An eyelash growth serum, on the other hand, is a pretty effective and efficient alternative. Not to mention, it is safe to use and contains the necessary nutrients your eyelashes need to activate the natural growth process.

No Visual Obstruction Or Temporary Impairment

Wearing fake lashes can be tedious and unhealthy. Plus, there may times when your eyelashes will come off – if you sweat a lot and whatnot. The fake hair in the lashes can also enter your eye causing you to rub them profusely, further damaging your natural lashes.

Growth serums do neither. You can apply them before going to bed and wait for the results for about four weeks. After your eyelashes begin to grow, you won't worry about anything ever again.

Delivery Of Nutrients

Traditional eyelash growth methods have zero health benefits, and not one of them is a permanent solution. Serums include complex chemicals and nutrients that can help enhance your eyelash hair health.

Beautiful blue eyed woman


The serums are quite potent and begin working their magic immediately after you wear them. From pro-vitamin B5 to other nutrients, growth serums are the perfect solution to your problem.

Moisturizing Effect

Eyelash growth serums keep your eyelids moisturized and hydrated – two key elements to keep the skin healthy and optimally functional. Other methods of treating eyelash loss can never do this.

Potential Side Effects Of Using An Eyelash Serum

As effective and potent the serums are they do come with a price. These products are truly cutting-edge but aren't free of side effects. Many people have come forward with minor side effects such as skin discoloration around the eyes, red-eyes, irritation in the eyes, etc.

But the fact of the matter is, not all serums cause side effects. In light of this, mentioned below are a few contraindications of using an eyelash growth serum:

  • Pigmentation in the iris
  • Excessively itchy eye – especially if you apply the serum during the day and go to work or perform other activities
  • Discoloration of the skin around the eye (temporary)
  • Discoloration of the eyelids (temporary)

Hair growth in different parts of the face – It is imperative that you do not let the serum come in contact with any other areas on your skin. If you do, you can expect abrupt hair growth.

You have to remember that the serums are designed to enhance hair follicles, and that is what they will do if you accidentally drop or apply it anywhere else apart from the eyelids and forget to wipe it off.

Bottom Line

As minor and non-serious as these contraindications are, some quality eyelash growth serums are manufactured using natural ingredients. It is important to go for some of the best products available in the market.

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