How to Grow Eyelashes Back Fast

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Eyelashes make your eyes look youthful and healthy. However, with time, lashes become thin and start to fall out. They become dryer, shorter, and more brittle. Their color could also fade, looking less vibrant. This might have a significant impact on your appearance and self-esteem. Luckily, there are some good solutions on how to grow eyelashes back fast.

Best Remedies for How to Make Eyelashes Grow Back Fast

Here are some things you can do to encourage speedier growth of your eyelashes:

Apply Eyelash Treatment

Find an eyelash treatment that you know will work for you and apply it every night. You can consider using a prescription treatment such as Latisse or an over-the-counter remedy like Revitalash. Before you apply, remember to wash off all the eye makeup and cleanse your face. Continue with your normal nighttime practice and finish by applying the treatment.

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How to Grow Eyelashes Back Fast with Home Treatment Techniques

There are a lot of easy but very effective remedies you can use to help grow your eyelashes back fast. Read about them below:

Petroleum Jelly/Vaseline

Although petroleum jelly does not help grow eyelashes, it is naturally emollient and protective. For the best outcome, apply a little jelly over your lashes every night. Let the treatment work overnight and then rinse it off when you wake up. A little quantity will be enough as you wouldn’t want your lashes to be affected by the treatment.

Vaseline on eyelashes
Castor Oil

Another good home remedy that will help you on how to grow your lashes back fast is castor oil. The oil nourishes your lashes from follicles, allowing their quick growth. Additionally, castor oil is able to trap impurities, offering you healthier eyelashes. For optimal results, apply some castor oil over your eyelashes and leave it to work overnight. In the morning, rinse it off. If you are going to use this treatment, apply the oil every night for the most effective results.

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Almond Oil

Almond oil contains antioxidant and vitamin E qualities. Hence, it can assist the lashes to thrive under its care and nourishment. Apply some almond oil before going to bed and leave it to work through the night. In the morning, it is important that you rinse it off so as to prevent any instance of clogged pores. This is critical as clogged pores can lead to skin acne, which would again inhibit eyelash growth.

almond oil
Olive Oil

As you might already know, olive oil is quite effective for beauty care. Mostly, it is one of the very best home remedies to grow eyelashes back. This oil helps to nourish your lashes from the roots, aiding them to grow quickly. For the best results, apply little olive oil over your lashes and allow it to work through the night. When you wake up in the morning, wash your face properly to remove the oil.

olive oil
Green Tea

Green tea is yet another amazing home remedy you can use to grow eyelashes back fast. Apply the green tea solution on your eyelashes with a cotton ball. Let the treatment to work for about 10 minutes then wash it off with cold water.

Green tea for eyelashes

Other Remedies to Grow Eyelashes Back Fast

Let not limit us to only those techniques discussed above and look at other remedies for how to grow eyelashes back fast

Consume a lot of Minerals and Vitamins

Ensuring that you eat healthily, and getting the all the nutrients you need can assist your eyelashes to grow faster. Similar minerals and vitamins that accelerate hair growth will also assist with the growth of your eyelashes. Consider taking a multivitamin geared towards supplements or hair growth supplements of biotin, B vitamins, or fish oil.

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Limit the Use of Eye Makeup Products

If you already know what caused your eyelash loss, then you don’t have to worry much about this. However, if the cause of your lash loss is unfamiliar, then you will want to limit makeup application around your eyes. There are two main reasons why you should do this: First, makeup expires after some time, and the bacteria that grows from this can lead to eyelash loss. The second reason is that there are people that are allergic to makeup ingredients, which aggravate the skin leading to lash loss.

If you happen to wear makeup while trying to grow your eyelashes back, consider washing it off every night. This will prevent it from irritating your lashes and skin more than necessary.

Keep Your Stress Levels Low

Stress is known to wreak havoc on a person’s health. Moreover, stress leads to poor nutrition, which causes hair loss – including your eyelashes. You can keep stress levels at minimum by taking breaks when you feel overwhelmed and by working out on a regular basis. Your eyelashes will thank you.

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Brush Your Eyelashes

Brushing your lashes cleans out dust particles and encourage proper blood supply to the eyelashes. Therefore, a daily brush will help to make your eyelashes grow thicker and stronger.

Leave Your Eyelashes Alone!

Be gentle with your eyelashes as they don’t usually like to be handled harshly. Avoid pulling your eyelashes while removing makeup. Take this into consideration and you will be preventing lash pull out, stunted growth of the eyelashes, and also premature fine lines and under eye wrinkles.

How Fast Do Eyelashes Grow?

If you have lost your eyelashes completely, it can take up to ten weeks for them to regenerate fully. Human eyelashes grow at a rate of around 0.15 mm per day. Once they grow fully, they stay in one place for around five to six months.

If you are making use of a lash growth accelerator to enhance lashes, you might get faster and more dramatic growth results. Some products can boost lash volume and length by 75% in a span of six weeks.

Depending on the kind of product you are using and your reaction, it can take several weeks or months to achieve the full benefits.


It is possible to have your eyelashes grow back to their normal size and condition. There is absolutely no need to worry much over the loss since this will only contribute to increased stress levels. Remember that stress is a major factor that devaluates your health. Hence, it should be avoided at all costs as it inhibits the growth of your lashes.

Throughout this article we have mentioned various tips on how to grow eyelashes back fast. Use the remedies stated for at least one or two months to achieve the best possible positive results.

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