What is Eyelash Tinting and Is It Safe?

eyelash tinting

Of late, women have been flocking beauty spas and salons to get one time-saving beauty trick: eyelash tinting. Despite this, there is a major concern regarding the safety of this process. Eyelash tinting has the potential to cause eye sensitivity if not done well. However, when done professionally, lash tinting is absolutely fine. This article will offer you in-depth information in regards to eyelash tinting, and how to stay safe.

eyelash tinting

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What is Eyelash Tinting?

In very simple terms, eyelash tinting entails applying dye on eyelashes to achieve a better definition. When you want to do eyelash tinting, there are numerous color options available. The color you decide to go with mostly depends on your skin and hair color.

Eyelash tinting is a procedure highly recommended for those ladies that do a lot of sports activities, mostly swimming, and ladies that are sensitive to makeup. Additionally, if you have a tight schedule and have little time to do your makeup, then you might consider having your lashes tinted.

How Eyelash Tinting Works

During lash tinting, a beautician starts by applying Vaseline to the skin around the lashes. This is important as it prevents the dye from bleeding onto the skin.

A protective pad can also be placed under the lashes so as to offer more protection to the skin below.

After the tint has been applied to the eyelashes, it is allowed to settle for about seven minutes before a second coat is applied. After another seven minutes, the protective pad is removed, and the eye area is cleaned using wet cotton pads. To make sure that there is no residue that got inside the eye, your eyes are rinsed using a saline solution.

How Long Does Eyelash Tinting Last?

Since lash tinting is done using a vegetable-based eye, it doesn’t last very long. Eyelash tinting lasts for about one to two months, but you can build upon your lash tints to prevent the dye from fading away fast.

Another method you can use to keep up the tint color is to avoid using a lot of cleansers, wipes, and moisturizers. Any of these will make the tint dissolve faster. Instead, use a cream cleanser for the time being.

Benefits of Having Your Eyelash Tinted

Ladies that have their lashes tinted on a regular basis enjoy numerous benefits. For instance, if your eyelashes are naturally blond, tinting them will lead to a more dramatic look for your eyes and face. The good thing is that the benefit associated with lash tinting is around the clock. This is unlike mascara, which you have to apply every single morning and wash off at night. With tinted lashes, you get up like you already have your makeup on.

As earlier mentioned, lash tinting is ideal for those ladies that are always busy. Women with active lifestyles that are, for instance, engaged in a lot of sporting and swimming activities need eyelash tinting done on them. Lash tinting requires little maintenance, and thus ideal for such ladies.

Is Eyelash Tinting Safe?

Despite the fact that some people have reported negative results with eyelash tinting, most individuals believe that as long as it is done by a reputable technician with quality products, eye tinting is safe.

However, since eyelash tinting is not approved by the FDA, you have to research a good salon qualified enough to tint your eyelashes. In addition, there are several types of dyes, and their prices vary. Hence, as you do your salon research, put the price into consideration too.

How to do Eyelash Tinting Safely

A real concern regarding eyelash tinting is safety. You need to note that permanent eyelash dyes and tints have been seen to cause reactions like contact dermatitis and granulomas.

Find a Reputable Salon

To avoid any issues, we suggest that you take time to do research on the safety precautions your favorite salon uses. If they are not using the right measures, then find another reputable place. When looking for a salon to get the lash tinting service, make sure that they only use natural dyes. In addition, they should not be using normal hair dye for eyelash tinting.

Remove Contact Lenses

Moreover, if your wear contact lenses, we advise that you take them off before the procedure, and wear them the next day. If you have overly sensitive eyes, consider using lubricating eye drops to rinse your eyes after the procedure. Also, ensure that you don’t use a self-tanner one week before you get your lashes tinted. This is important as self-tanner can reach negatively with the tinting dye.

Stop Lash Tinting if You Get Allergic Reaction

Additionally, if you have every gotten rashes due to an allergic reaction to hair dye or henna, chances are that you may also develop an allergic rash to lash tint. So, we advise that you should not use them. In case you experience itchiness or redness after eyelash tinting, we recommend that you see an ophthalmologist or dermatologist. If you think you could be allergic to lash tinting dye, then consider doing a patch test behind the ear or on the forearm some few days before going for the treatment.

Use a Professional

When planning to get your lashes tinted, just be sure to visit a professional that has been in the game for quite a long time. In extreme, but very minimal cases, lash tinting has been reported to cause severe eye reactions, and even blindness. Also, some women have reported stinging and watery eyes when undergoing eyelash tinting. These are just some reasons why we emphasize the point of having a qualified salon do lash tinting on you.


Deciding whether or not to do eyelash tinting is an optional choice. However, if you would like to enjoy the benefits of eyelash tinting, you can go ahead and do it. Just be in mind that there can be some risks involved. Due to this, before you let an esthetician lay her hands on you, you need to know the amount of training and experience she possesses. Do your due diligence and you should be good.

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